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IRS 2017 

1099 Canceled Debt on your main home is still NOT taxable for 2016

• Medical and Dental expenses will need to exceed 10% of adjusted

  gross income instead of 7.5% (unless age 65 or older). 

• Maximum tax on capital gains is now 20% instead of 15%.

•Same sex couples with marriages recognized by the state of residence

 can file jointly.   (2013)

*Penalties for not having healthcare for families financially able to 

  carry it will be assessed this year.  See Q&A for further details.

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                            2017 Tax Preparation Alert!!!!!

This year due to ID theft, congress has enacted the new Path Act. This means that for those taxpayers eligible for Earned Income Credit as well as Additional Child Tax Credit, the IRS will not release your income tax refund until after Feb 15th.  

Of course, the sooner your taxes are prepared and submitted, the sooner you will get your refund once they began releasing the refunds.  We are currently working with bank in order to offer refund advance loans.

Also NEW... partnership tax returns are due on March 15th as well as Employer forms such as W2s and 1099s are now due on Jan 31st.

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Our team is comprised of tax attorneys as well as tax professionals with extensive experience. Together our team has prepared tens of thousands of tax returns, as well as filed petitions in tax court representing clients against the IRS.

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